General Data Protection Regulation


The General Data Protection Act defines a set of rights that citizens have over their personal data when they provide it to companies.

The LGPD applies to all companies, sets out a number of obligations that organizations must fulfill to ensure that the rights of personal data holders will be preserved.

The Act also provides for the imposition of high penalties on companies for non-compliance.

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Personal data

Failure to follow the rules set forth in LGPD may result in blocking the processing of personal data and even the deletion thereof.

LGPD predicts fines of up to 2% from last year’s turnover, with total R$ 50 million for infraction and daily fine under the same roof.
The Act also allows the disclosure of warnings and requires the publication of the infringement, exposing the company’s act to the public. Depending on the situation, the publication of the violation may cause even more damage than the fines.

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